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    need a reseler hsoting from staminus datacenter

    hi can someone show me companies that sell reseller hosting but use staminus datacenter

    thank you

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    Any specific reason you need it within the Staminus communications datacenter?

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    Their service is great they offer good protection (for small ddos atacks) and i love them thats why im asking a reseller hosted there

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    I've never seen anybody even mention Staminus before here on WHT. You may want to try searching Google as many providers will put information on their site as to what provider they are using but not many put it in their signature or threads here.
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    I have not hard of any provider actually, but why don't you just a get a dedicated server from that dc which should the issue with searchning of a reseller, etc.

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    i cant afford the price there i olready ahve in ecatel one dedicated my bugdet is not that much and i only need 10-15 gb space with 200-300 Gb bandwith per month

    thats bcs i dont need it all

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    I do not know of any places that offer Staminus Datacenter at the moment. I will keep my eyes opened for you.

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    Ok thank you , by the way any good stable resller hosting maybesomeone know

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    I haven't heard of any company thats really bad with regarding stable resellers. The thing I would suggest for you to do is simply search WebHostingTalk and compare prices. Make sure you look at all of their policy's such as uptime and terms of service.

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