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    seeking cheap hosting in europe


    Right now i'm still hosted at but they stop offering hosting packages in just over one week from now so i need to find another host in europe! usa is possible but i prefer europe because i live there (netherlands) thus it's much faster for me.

    The package i currently have:
    reseller package (cpanel + whm)
    6 GB hdd
    60 GB bandwidth
    php 5.2.9 (important that it's close to the latest version)
    php -> APC extension (required for me)
    php -> MySQLi extension (required for me)
    Price: 4 british pounds a month.

    NOTE: i plan to host 6 domains on this package. 2 redirects to 2 other domains out of those 6 thus 4 real different domains. So i need WHM (possible to do without it but i prefer WHM for that)

    Now i'm seeking something that is roughly the same specs with roughly the same price. And before you all start asking. i do not need 6 gb hdd and do not need 60 gb bandwidth but i just want to have that in the case of traffic spikes, script releases or perhaps services i might just start.

    I personally prefer hosting in the netherlands but anywhere in europe is fine with me as long as it's fast. What i don't need is:
    - 24h/day phone support
    - 24h/day any kind of support
    - highly extensive (and probably expensive) ticket management stuff

    I can do fine with no support at all as long at the php version is close to the latest one, the extensions are installed, mod_rewrite is usable and no notable downtime (99.9% uptime is more then fine for me)

    I did search the reseller hosting offers section but couldn't find anything recent.

    Any suggestions on hosts i might find interesting?

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    You can try,,
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    I've found a new host at:
    The person helping me was very nice and installed the missing APC module right away. They had no issue in splitting there Maxi 1 reseller packet to meet my price.

    So far a nice experience with them. I'm going to transfer all my domains to them right now.
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    I've found a new host at:
    It didn't take you long. Good luck with them, and make sure you come back and give us a review after a few months!
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