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NOT only do we secure and optimize your server - but also install some great stuff for your Linux based Server !

Includes -

Apache Setup / Server Setup (CPanel Servers Only)
CSF Firewall & Security
Root Kit Protection
Antivirus & Firewall Protection
TMP Partion Securing
Removal of uneeded services
Zend Optimizer Installation
Installation of GD Library/ImageMagick/NETPBM
Over 70 different security measures
Server Hardening & Tweaking
WHM Updating / Apache Optimization
Mod Security & Network Speed Optimization
Protection from DDOS Attacks
Nobody Controller & Preventer
Cpanel/WHM Optimization (Security)
Brute Force Protection
Certification/Report at End of Work
Report Confirmation by Third Party Security System for added security.
Installation of SIM, RootCheck, Nobody Check and MORE
Includes Free Ports (4) Monitoring for Server (Every 2-10 Minutes)
Up time Monitoring
Installation of Various WHM Security/Optimization tools so YOU CAN DO your own maintenance

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“CUSTOMERS ACTUALLY leave their old 25$ per month contracts and pay 25$ one time because they realise that sometimes paying more means getting A LOT MORE!”

HOW WELL DO WE PEFORM - Search for complaints, or issues..You probably wont find any... Why don't you see praises? Unlike others - We don't ask our customers to go posting good about us (though you might find a few that did). And secondly since we actually ask low post clients not to reply since a lot of people feel the new posters are fake. Think of this as well - low post count users are inexperienced and need more help...but oh well..people just don't realise everything The reason is simple - we don't want to be over-rated by clients.

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