Hi all,

The data centre which I use, is moving all collacated servers to a brand new data centre next week, which will mean a two hour downtime for each of my servers and customer websites.

At the moment my servers utilise two nameservers on seperate servers and when the move happens all websites will be offline with an ugly error message to any visitors.

Does anyone know a good way to setup a page which would be displayed if the web server was down? I am using MS DNS.

My thoughts so far is

1. Setup a 3rd nameserver which is off site from the data centre.
2. Purcahse web hosting / vps for a month on a seperate hosting company
3. Set it up so that it accepts * to a specific IP address in IIS or apache
4. I create an index.php script which gets the host header value sent i.e. http://www.joeblogs.com and the page then displays a nice maintenace i.e

"We are sorry joeblogs.com is currently down for maintenace, we will be back online shortly".

I think my main question is do I need to setup a 2nd www record in DNS for each site and how do I ensure the 2nd dns (backup record) only gets used when the first website / server is down.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks Aaron