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    A good GPS unit?

    I have a old garmin nüvi that is out of date what i don't like about it that it takes forever to get a GPS lock and if your moving forget about it plus the maps are out of date now and they want money to update them. Its about 3 yrs old if not older.

    I've seen $50 GPS units that get a lock on a SAT faster then the one i have! Im looking for one that will record your max speed as well for an upcoming road trip.

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    I'm a fan of TomTom's, you may want to give them a shot. WalMart also seems to be having a sale on them right now.

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    I have a Garmin Nuvi 200, and it rocks for me. It's a very basic unit, but it does the job. It also has a very nice locking speed. Which Nuvi do you have that's slow?
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    I like pretty much everything I've seen from the Garmin brand and I've had trouble with TomToms, but your mileage may vary.
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    If you have an iPhone, TomTom is coming out with an app this summer. They also have mounting hardware.
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    The Garmin Nuvi's are the best.

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    I read somewhere you can download a Homer Simpson voice for the tom tom. That would sell me on it
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    I bought an Initial for $800.00 about 2 year's ago and wow im lost without it lol. It's about 4 inches wide and about 7 inches long. I cant see my self buying one of these new one's at wal mart or etc that are about 3 inches wide and 3 inches long i cant adjust my eye's to those since im so use to my first one.

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    I have a garmin nüvi 350 and its so low locking onto a SAT. I have seen cheap gps devices that lock on faster.

    I am looking for one that records top speed for a RC and road trips of course.

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    I prefer tomtom, i'm currently using it on my HTC HD. I'm not a fan of seperate devices, maybe you have a phone where you could use tomtom or route66?

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    Always had good experiences with Garmin brand GPS systems. Cannot say the same about TomTom.

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    I have a TomTom 540 Live.. I'm not sure if you have Live services in the US, but it is being rolled out across many places.

    Basically, with a Live connected TomTom, it has a built in SIM card with GPRS.. You can do Google search to find places complete with telephone number (with TomTom's built in bluetooth you can dial out), speed cameras, weather and cheap fuel prices are all downloaded over the air..

    But the biggest advantage is the traffic reports. They have a deal with a few mobile phone companies in which TomTom tracks movement of mobile phones. When it sees a surge of travelling phones slowing down, it knows traffic is building up, it will then update you every 3 mins with the length of traffic and time delay. As such it detects traffic well before traffic agencies and authorities have had a chance to report it. Once they do it will tell you why there is traffic too. I've saved a good few hours of my life by not being stuck in traffic. Bundle that with their IQRoutes (calculates the average speed on roads for every 5mins of the day) to ensure your route is always the fastest..

    TomTom also ownes TeleAtlas (the same maps which Google Maps uses)...

    Satnavs have really come a long way, I can't leave home without my TomTom even if I know where I'm going.. If you want a good satnav unit, I would recommend TomTom..
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    I have had great luck with TomTom units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike - Limestone View Post
    I have had great luck with TomTom units.

    Have only ever used TomTom and had no troubles

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    I have a Magellan and it Rocks..Voice activated, blue tooth, color screen(of course)…and it is on the money all the time too!


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