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    Question Cpanel Account Transfers?

    How well does the "Copy multiple accounts from another server" feature in cpanel work?

    Does it give you a full working copy of the other server?

    Does it move all necessary files, including databases, etc?

    Thanks for your help!

    Edit: Copying from Cpanel server to Cpanel!

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    I've used the one that requires root access and it works very well.

    It duplicates the account exactly.

    The new one that works with the account password, I'm not sure about.

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    Thanks for that!

    I was actually referring to the multiple accounts copy, where all accounts from one server are copied over. This would obviously involve using the root password.

    Thanks for any further help in this regard!

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    The multiple accounts one works FAIRLY's not perfect.

    And the way the interface is setup, seemingly in an attempt to make absolutely SURE that you have to check or uncheck about a million checkboxes isn't the greatest. My first thought was that Nick was a bit 'happy' when he coded the interface for

    It does work though. Sometimes, as with many parts of cpanel, there will be an error and it won't tell you why, or will claim success when the action actually failed, but if you use Cpanel I'm sure you're used to all that.

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