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    emails spam

    hiya im getting 50 and more spam mails each day, how do i secure my vps to stop 99% of the spam from coming in as i understand theres no way to completely block spams.

    Im using directadmin control panel and enabled SpamAssasain but its not much of use even when i apply strict options on it.

    Any idea??

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    Make sure the bayesian filters are trained properly and spam and ham emails are continuously fed to the bayesian database to grow. Doing this may be painful initially, but at time passes, it will become more and more effective and will block a lot of spam emails. Spamassassin is a wonderful piece of work against spam.
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    SpamAssassin does work rather well even without having built up a bayesian database - in some setups we run it with bayesian filtering disabled completely and it still catches at least 90% of spam. Are you sure your SpamAssassin configuration is working? Are you getting any messages flagged as spam at all?

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    In my opinion it would better to reinstall spamassassin as I have seen issues where reinstalling spamassassin has resolved many issues.

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