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    Need help to find a host with a decent inode limit

    Hi all,
    My current host is HostMonster and I discovered the 50k inode limit problem yesterday. I didn't know such a limit existed since they don't clearly mention it on their site, or at least it's not very visible. If I had known about this prior to sign up, I would not have signed up...

    I'm a bit angry because they advertise their webhosting as unlimited while such a ridiculous limit actually exists. I've been trying to erase files but it's very hard to get under 50k, my current file count would be around 90k by now... And I don't know what to erase anymore.

    Luckily for me, my hosting plan ends in two months from now, so now is the best time for me to look for a new host.

    I need hosting service for a portal with multiple sites, a forum, a guestbook... The sites are not business related. I would like a reliable host with decent disk space and bandwidth usage (our portal has around 500 visitors per day, we have tons of images and a few videos and there's going to be more in the future), and most of all I really don't want to be bothered with file/inode count limit.

    Would you guys have a host to suggest that matches my description ? Thanks in advance !

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    Does location matter to you? Also, it's best to stay away from Unlimited Hosting providers - it's impossible for them to provide, pick a host with sensible limits and you won't come accross silly inode restrictions

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    Thank you for your answer, but would you have specific hosts in mind ?

    About the location, we are in France and our sites are hosted in the US, so I it is not really a problem for us

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    I had the same problem at a previous host - it's quite a "gotcha" because the inode limit is very easy to exceed and it's hard to find this info in most T&Cs. The limit seems to be related to backups - hosts without the limit tend not to offer (user accessible) backups.

    At the time I went to, but although they're pretty good at allowing unrestricted storage, reliability of web delivery (especially anything involving MySQL) was pretty bad. I currently use imountain. I've posted detailed reviews of both here somewhere.
    Phil McKerracher

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    Thank you Phil. I checked my current disk usage which is around 15 GB. I would have to take iMountain's iron cluster 5 ($70 a month) which is too expensive for us

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    I would recommend a reseller account for Hostgator. You don't necessarily have to resell hosting, just put your website on it. Unless the rules have changed, Hostgator does not limit the amount of iNodes on a reseller account.

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    HostGator's reseller hosting plans are indeed interesting in terms of disk space and, I think, bandwidth. If there's no inode limit, then it's even better.
    I found cheaper, though : Page-Zone. Are they good ?

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    If you are using 15GB of space for a single site you might want to consider a VPS?


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    The reason for the not-so-up-front 50k inode limit is so that you can't really use unlimited. The way the unlimited hosts (or hosts with unrealistic limits) for cheap prices work is that they say unlimited and then just about everything you do violates their Terms of Service so that if they want to get rid of you for using too much space or transfer they just cite a part of their Terms of Service.

    50,000 inodes is really quite a lot - 50,000 files at least on a hosting account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spunkyasp View Post
    I would recommend a reseller account for Hostgator. You don't necessarily have to resell hosting, just put your website on it. Unless the rules have changed, Hostgator does not limit the amount of iNodes on a reseller account.
    There is a 250.000 inode limit at Host Gator even for the reseller accounts. They stop backing up sites when users have more than 50k files but they tolerate up to 250k.

    Page zone seems to be dead... So unless there are hosting plans somewhere at a reasonable price I think we'll go with Host Gator... Unless someone has something better in mind

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