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    Talking [Review] pinellashosting

    Hi I would like to bring a web host to your attention and for a change it is not in a negative way are a friendley service that go well past the ponit on normal support. Is this Normal as i have not been with many web hosts and the one i have been with have never help me like there support.
    Ok i supose i should explain why this company has make me ant to make an account here and tell you all about them.

    I run a clan not to big only 34 members but we run 8 different game servers. Game today do not seem to have a long shelf life (this means it dose not take you to long to finish all objectives)
    So we have added stats tracking to most server allowing us to add new objectives daily keeping the games alive.
    These databases and web interfaces where well out of my league and i did not releise how hard they where to set up .Barry from not only installed the webinterfaces but also help me set up the servers and databases and linked the 2 together and if this was not enough he has been for the past week teaching me how to do it for my self . I can not think of any web host that would do such a thing. I offered to buy him a case of beer but Barry would not hear of it he was adament that this was part of his support offered to anyone .This is why i feel this guy need promoting ,Since Barry started helping me get the stats trackers running i have added 10 members to my clan so again if you are a clan or your just looking for a really nice friendly webhost who offers great client support then you really need to go and speak the the guys and gals @

    Many Thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope that some of you at least have a chat with the guys at
    They offer the best service i personally have ever had at the lowest price since i have been hosting a clan web site
    I really hope this helps someone find what they are lookng for

    28th C.D.M

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    I have to agree that Barry is a great system administrator and host. I have kept several customers sites hosted with him and whenever I need help with upgrading them or run into technical trouble, he has always been a great resource for a quick resolution. Pinellas hosting is a great company when you can appreciate quality.
    - Donovan K
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    Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate it.

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    Thanks for the review posted. That is a pleasure to read someone's positive thoughts.
    Make sure you have sent domain name you have hosted with them to the moderators

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    Just for verification purposes can you provide your domain here or use the little report button on the top right of your post?

    I love when good reviews come, there aint enough of them

    And a server admin taking the time to help you learn something is great, its always better to be able to do something yourself the next time than have to ask someone.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. It is a pleasure to see happy customers. Make your review validated that makes it more reliable. Come again to follow up the review.

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    Hi -

    Welcome to WHT! How did you find WHT? I ask because you joined yesterday and you've posted 2 messages so far, both about this hosting company.

    I'm always curious how people find WHT and know to write reviews about them.
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    I have posted here before about my web host about 5 or 6 months ago but i can not remeber the account name i will search the forum for my older post. i first heard of you from a guy called Technocrats From Nuke Evolution when i was looking for a web host that allowed an external connection to there MYSQL database and it was him that gave me the link to this web site and said that these forums where the place to find what i was looking for.

    I have added a report to my first post with the web site ulr so you can go look and if i am not mistaken i will be able to add links in 2 posts

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    I now know my old account name it is ApocalypseDan

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    Review verified!


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    sorry for the spamming just needed 5 posts to be able to add links

    is the origianl post about my webhost

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