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    Help me find a web host (for Apple Push Notification Services)

    I've developed an iPhone app that utilizes the push notification feature just released in the 3.0 iPhone OS. What I'm looking for is a VPS (cheaper) and to be allowed to open the outgoing port 2195. In Apple's documents, they say this port must be opened for the push notifications to work properly.

    I checked up with GoDaddy, who said they would charge some big extra chunk of cash in order to open this port. Seeing as how this app hasn't even been released yet, it hasn't made any profit, so I'd like to be able to keep the monthly charges on the smaller side. Some other developer said they used GatorHost and that they opened the port them quite easily, but he said nothing about the cost.

    I've search the Apple forums and no one has discussed this yet, and I don't know much about web hosting, so who would you recommend?

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    I assume you are on your right way and all what you need is keep asking about that different web hosting providers. Possible one of them will be able to provide you that for free.
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    Have a look at, they have this service I believe (as advertised on their homepage).

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    From what I've seen most hosts only restrict things like IRC ports

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    I would go with a vps. Its going to be more stable in the long run and 99% of hosts SHOULD open ports for you. If you want to be sure ask. Nothings wrong with asking sales people. We get bored otherwise.
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    For running a daemon/background process you're going to need at least a small VPS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJSS View Post
    Seeing as how this app hasn't even been released yet, it hasn't made any profit, so I'd like to be able to keep the monthly charges on the smaller side.
    What is your budget? Do you want a managed or un-managed vps provider?

    For $15-$20 I would suggest checking out (vituozzo based) and (xen based).

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    I don't see why any VPS provider should have a problem with having that port open. In fact, if you go with a VPS, that port will probably be open by default unless you close it yourself. If you install a firewall such as APF or CSF, just make sure to open the port in there and then save/restart.

    By this time, I'd recommend staying away from a provider still offering a HyperVM/OpenVZ combo. With the feature of HyperVM so uncertain, most providers have already moved on to different platforms/software.

    Any reliable VPS provider should work fine. Just read reviews to make sure you're going with the right one. Since your APP will be depending on your VPS is up to send the push notifications, I'd say it is pretty important it be up all the time

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    Thanks for all the great replies. So basically, yes, I'm looking for a cheap, reliable VPS, and I'm leaning towards Their reviews seem pretty strong and they aren't very expensive. Does anyone have any experience with them, or any other recommendations?

    Also, almost forgot, JaguarPC. They seem pretty good too, and I've read some good reviews. So if anyone has experience with them too, do tell.
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    Both are good choices, though I believe JaguarPC are a managed provider (i.e. comes with technical support!) where as VPS.NET are unmanaged. More choices in the unmanaged space include Slicehost and Linode.
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    I didn't see whether you have forum a resolution of the "outgoing port 2195" issue. It is interesting that any company would open the port and would charge for this. I think that this would be either not allowed or as a part of the service description with no additional fees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJSS View Post
    So basically, yes, I'm looking for a cheap, reliable VPS
    I don't believe you need much CPU/RAM for sending text data to the Apple Push Server, so you can find a low end VPS from a good provider for a low price.

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