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    Suggest Dedicated GOOD AS or > LT need 100mb 2gb $140mont

    I am paing now about $460 every 3 months.
    with old AMD-ATHLON-3200-A: and 1000gb traffic
    they've charged me $10 for port upgrade to 100mb
    Now they want +$25 for +500gb which is only 1500gb/month I think much

    I need a dedicated server around
    althlon 3800 /P3.2
    2x80 hdd
    2gb RAM
    100mb uplink
    +2x8=16ips more
    for my adult sites

    is there any BIG companies with better service/network etc for that price?
    please suggest

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    You should easily be able to find companies which fit your neets. Try checking the hosting offers section:

    Then search on any companies which are making offers you may be interested in.
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    Make sure you mention to your hoster that you will host adult material

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    Have a look at who specialize in unmetered servers at a lower price if that is an issue. Do you have a specific location you're interested in?

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    For that pricing you can get much better/current hardware. Just contact the major hosts you have in mind directly and tell them what you need.
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    the problem is I want a BIG company with network and support better than layeredtech
    with many comments..,polease suggest if you have an experience with LT//anyway please suggest
    I am very appreciate it

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    Hello Newcol,

    Welcome to WHT!

    Your requirements are not out of line. You should have no problem finding a reliable datacenter to handle your needs. As mentioned by another poster, you should check out the offers page here at WHT.

    Let us know how you make out!
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