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    Does PayPal still use that reputation number thing?

    It has been so long since I have purchased anything through PayPal online, and I tried searching their site but couldn't find this. Like before any time you sold something over $5 you received a point towards your reputation at PayPal. It used to be clearly visible on your overview page, but I no longer see it. Does it still exist? It was impressive when you would buy from a company to see that they had thousands of points.

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    Have you attempted contacting Paypal regarding this issue directly using the "Contact Us" link provided on their website,

    However I am quite sure that system is broke. It no longer updates/updates accounts randomly and has been for some time now. I don't know if they are phasing it out, or trying to fix it. It's hard to say at this point.

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    PayPal contact us = reply if they want to

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexington View Post
    PayPal contact us = reply if they want to
    Not true. Call them and you will get results. They discontinued that feature but for some reason haven't removed it from the site yet.

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    Yup, it was stopped ages ago as mine was stuck on 1 for months. It was quite a good feature though.

    PayPal's support sucks!

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    Well that system died ages ago

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    It's been more than a year since they stopped counting, and with the new paypal interface I don't see the number at all (mine was at 47 I believe).
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    Mine is stuck at 23 from the past 2 years, easy!

    No idea why they have that thing showing up there anyway.

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    Mine was stuck at the hundred range for a year or so... I knew they were going to remove it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexington View Post
    PayPal contact us = reply if they want to
    I agree with that. we have had several cases go unanswered for weeks. We had one issue where we called them, gave them the ticket number and they were unable to find the ticket in there system (most likely a new call center rep).

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