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Thread: Seeking help!

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    Seeking help!

    We are currently undergoing some changes in the company and have some ups and downs in the last couple of years and are needing your help in the following areas:
    • Sales Representative
    • cPanel/WHM Expert
    • ModernBill Expert
    We are currently unable to pay anyone by salary at this time, however, we will do so again, once the business is up again and profitable. In the mean time, we are offering free hosting and commission-based to all accepted candidates.

    Company Summary
    SurfWeb Technology is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses create an effective online and offline presence quickly and easily by providing an array of scalable web design and hosting as well as computer repair and support solutions.

    Customer service is a key element in the satisfaction of our clients as we continue to go well beyond the expected when it comes to meeting their needs. Through continuous staff training and technological upgrades, we are able to successfully provide services that comply with ever changing computer technologies.

    SurfWeb Technology exists to provide IT services in the following areas:
    • Web Design
    • Web Hosting
    • Website Updating
    • Computer Setup, Hardware Repair and Maintenance
    • Business Promotion
    • Written Document Data-Entry
    If you are interested to be part of SurfWeb Technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Matt Pregent, Owner
    SurfWeb Technology
    [email protected]

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    I am ready to work, I have 3.5 years experience in Web hosting.


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    I sent email! =)

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    Hi My name is Abdul Razak. I have sent you the email. I am interested to work for your company.

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    I sent an e-mail as well.

    Best regards,
    Olivier Baum

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    If there are positions still available, I am interested in working, please see my WHT resume overview:

    Thank you!

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