Are the needs of small businesses on your hosting companyís radar screen? If not, they should be. A recent study conducted by Nielsen Online and WebVisible demonstrates the current gap between the behavior of consumers and the online presence of small companies. As the study shows, half of all consumers start their shopping experience with a search. 82% of consumers say they use a search engine as one of the tools to find local businesses. At the same time, 51% of small businesses feel their website is not very good at acquiring new customers. Even more alarming, 44% donít have a website at all. Clearly, there is a gap. And where there is a gap, there is an opportunity. As consumer behavior continues to shift from traditional media such as the yellow pages to online, small businesses need solutions to build an online presence. And with more than 5.8 million small and medium-sized businesses in the US, the size of the opportunity is substantial. So how do you cash in?

Paul Engles from Hostopia knows the answer. Paul is an EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Hostopia, a company that provides Web services that enable small and medium-sized businesses to establish and maintain an Internet presence. At HostingCon 2009, Paul will be presenting his take on how small business can provide significant growth opportunities for hosted application providers, even in difficult economic times. As part of this presentation, Paul will be providing case studies that show how hosters are tapping into the small business market to add new subscribers and accelerate growth.

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