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    cheapest web host

    can someone please give me the link to the cheapest web host site(s)
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    I think you will get a ton of replies by posting in the request forum.. Good Luck..
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    Depends on if you want uptime to come along with that cheap reseller plan.. I suggest posting in the hosting requests forum as said above but I also suggest not jumping on the first 5GB space/50GB of transfer for $6.99 that jumps up.. The reseller plan is not going to do you any good if your provider is overselling and ends up being a overnight thing and all off a sudden one day is shut down thus shuts you down and you loose all of your customers data. I would say for a good reseller plan look at spending atleast $25.00-$35.00 a month for something decent.

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    Note the at least $25.

    Realistically for a fully blown reseller account on a quality host your looking at $40+ per month.

    A reseller account at $10 will never work out in the long run..
    It is fully your choice though.

    Make sure you post a price you require between when making your request. That way hosting companies must meet your price within 30% either way [although not many of them actually abide by the rules].

    Good luck.
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