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    How to alter tabel and create table in mysql

    Hi guys

    I am sorry for such a noob question, but I have a script and there are some modifications that I want to make

    In the instructions it says ALTER TABLE and CREATE TABLE in myqsl but I dont know exactly how to do this.

    I have tried to google but everything i find is very technical and doesnt explain the easiest way to do it.

    Should I use phpmyadmin or whats the correct way?

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    There are mulitple ways but seeing as you've mentioned phpmyadmin try this link

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    you can use phpmyadmin or the commandline mysql admin tool

    mysql> CREATE DATABASE db_name;
    mysql> USE db_name;
    mysql> CREATE TABLE table_name;
    mysql> \q

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    You can easily do this through phpmyadmin and if you want to do it from the command prompt here are some commands
    * To update info already in a table

    mysql> UPDATE [table name] SET Select_priv = 'Y',Insert_priv = 'Y',Update_priv = 'Y' where [field name] = 'user';

    *Delete a row(s) from a table.

    mysql> DELETE from [table name] where [field name] = 'whatever';

    * Update database permissions/privilages.

    mysql> flush privileges;

    * Delete a column.

    mysql> alter table [table name] drop column [column name];

    * Add a new column to db

    mysql> alter table [table name] add column [new column name] varchar (20);

    * Change column name.

    mysql> alter table [table name] change [old column name] [new column name] varchar (50);

    * Make a unique column so you get no dupes.

    mysql> alter table [table name] add unique ([column name]);

    * Make a column bigger.

    mysql> alter table [table name] modify [column name] VARCHAR(3);

    * Delete unique from table.

    mysql> alter table [table name] drop index [colmn name];
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