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    Unhappy New Plesk Install. Old Plesk (w/ data) on a Hard Drive. Advice?

    My hosting company (data393) got in touch to tell me my server had apparently been compromised.

    They took the server offline and determined that they need to give me a clean install.

    What they are doing for me is:
    -Setting up a new server with a fresh Plesk install (I'd guess the latest version -- 9.x?).
    -Mounting the hard drive from my old Plesk install (was 8.something) somewhere I can get to it.

    What I need to figure out is the best way to recreate the old server as much as possible:
    -Plesk accounts, domains
    -Mail accounts and settings
    -MySQL databases

    I imagine the migration manager won't be much help here, and I'm sure this is going to be a somewhat manual process, but does anyone have any recommendations for how to proceed?
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    First things first, was your plesk running on a Windows or Linux platform, and did you ever create backups, using plesk internal backup system, if so that backup method should have created backup dumps within your plesk root directory.
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    This will have to be done by hand indeed. Most of the settings are stored in mysql which makes things easy. You will need to restore the account files, restore the mysql database and then upgrade the database to match plesk 9 structure.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    As luck would have it, my hosting company (Latisys) was able to do the job for me. They said because my dedicated server was virtuozzo wrapped they were able to copy/rescue the data and account info.

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    Glad to hear.
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