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    Brandable VPS domain + clients / hardware 4 possible sell!


    I am currently entertaining the idea/offers of selling off some VPS clients and hardware, along with a brandable name. Only serious inquiries need apply via msn or aim. No PMs! An NDA maybe required and can be sent out from the chat. This will be a quick and easy sale if it happens. Below are a few stats, but the potential for more is extremely great, so contact me ASAP before i talk myself out of it.

    USD Currency
    Monthly: $441.58 USD (25)
    Quarterly: $3.00 USD (1)
    Semi-Annually: $142.84 USD (5)
    Annually: $381.00 USD (5)
    Biennially: $0.00 USD (0)
    Est. Annual: $5977.64

    current costs vary due to owned equipment, and only 1 lease of 200/m + whmcs. Again if your not prepared to offer much, dont bother wasting your time as I have put *ALOT* of dedication into building this up and the potential is great.

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    I am interested in this - lets communicate via email (jason_slominski [at] yoozers [dot] com)

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    I appreciate your interest, but as I noted, I'm only communicating via msn or aim. (just eases the process, and makes things more personal as this is something I put alot into.)

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    Also potentially included is use of multiple class c's and hardware. Just get with me on specifics. I have also decided to kill this thread in a day or so and consider other options such as sitepoint etc. I am on msn/aim message me!

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    I've added you to MSN.
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