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    Red face BDay Special -

    My Daughter Birthday Special $6.24/Mbps Special

    It is my daughter birthday today. So here it goes.
    Bandwidth price is only $6.24/Mbps (Min 10 Mbps and Max 30 Mbps)
    Price is good for today ONLY! After midnight it is gone.
    Any question, please just email to [email protected]. If you email in before midnight, you will get the price.

    Pricing details:

    - Unmetered 100Mbps port @ 6.24/Mbps (Min 10 Mbps and Max 30 Mbps)
    - 95% tile invoicing.

    Cabinet Pricing
    - Private 42U cabinet = $550

    Share space available
    - 7u shared space up to 2 Amps of power $165.00

    - $0 setup

    Argon Blue offers a world-class Internet data center facilities and premium Internet bandwidth at the lowest prices:

    - Full 42U Cabinet
    - Dedicated 15AMP/110VAC Circuit
    - One 100baseT drop (fiber gigabit backbone)
    - Unlimited transfer and burstible to 100 Mbps.
    - Free IP addresses (per ARIN guidelines of course)
    - 24/7 facility access
    - Free basic remote hands included
    - MRTG graphs for your switch port
    - Direct Peering with 350+ National and International Networks
    - Redundant Self-Healing Fiber Backbone
    - IPv6 Connectivity and Addresses Available

    This special price is available for new service (or additional service for existing customers) only and is subject to cabinet availability.

    To take advantage of this special offer or if you would like a quote on our other services, please e-mail [email protected], call us toll-free at 800.710.8004 or visit our website at

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    hm could you please assist us with a test ip and datacenter location? thx

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