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    Setting up dedicated server software

    Hi everyone, does anyone know about linking software together on dedicated servers?

    What i need to do is set up a dedicated server, install cpanel hosting software on it so that customers can create hosting accounts automaticly on it. I will be reselling domains through enom domain reselling. and when a customer signs up, i want the hosting account and domain to link together automaticly so that the customer can host a website right away! I will also be using WHMCS to bill my customers, does anyone know how this billing system operates, i mean does it bill customers and all the money goes into your paypal or bank account?


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    If you're not familiar with installing cPanel and securing the server you better off starting with a reseller account and learn you way up to dedicated.

    WHMCS will function in the same way with a reseller account and it will automate the whole process for you, you'll just need to learn how to set it up, the WHMCS website has many resources to get you up and running fairly quickly.
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    Thanks for the reply, i dont think i will go for a resellers account as you get more room etc on a dedicated. If anyone knows how to install cpanel and link the WHMCS and domain reseller option etc together i would really like to talk to you.

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    If I was you, I really would go for a reseller account as you don't seem to have any experience in doing this. Remember - You have to grow your company from small, so you're really better off starting with a reseller account and moving to a dedicated server once you're ready.

    However, login to SSH and run the following commands to install cPanel.

    mkdir /home/cpins
    cd /home/cpins
    sh latest
    There is a documentation on the WHMCS website of how to install it, and the requirements that are needed. Once you are into the admin panel, it's pretty easy to setup. You can also look at the WHMCS website for guides how to setup your domain reseller and automate the process etc.

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    Would anyone do this for me if i payed them?

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    If you want Cpanel installed and configured. I can do the same for you free!
    see this:

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    Would anyone do this:

    1.)install cpanel software on my server
    2.)Link a domain reseller account with the cpanel hosting accounts on my server
    3.)install WHMCS billing system


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    I am sure there are companys that will install the software for you, and do cpanel for you, but configuring it may not work out as most companys support staff are not trained in WHMCS. But configuring it should be the easier part. Also be sure to check out a company that offers managed services, as if your a novice with dedicated servers, having a managed server will certainly come in handy.
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    Moved > Systems Management Requests so that people can offer you their services since you are willing to pay for it.
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    I would be happy to do it for free, as I know it was hard for me once, JUST CONTACT ME, FREE If you don't trust me with logins, i can guide you through it, no prob As when I started, only a hand of people helped me out for free lol I feel your pain!

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    We'd be more than happy to go ahead and setup/configure WHMCS, your domain registration account and tie that into your cPanel server for provisioning as well. It should only take a couple of hours (not counting cPanels installation time), and we can handle security and basic cPanel configuration for you as well.

    If you have all the licenses and everything else lined up, we can make it fast and easy for you, just email us... support 'at', or contact us through our website.

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    You can use WHMCS and import your own website design

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    We have expertise who can get this integration done for you as per your requirement. You can contact us on the following ids:

    MSN: [email protected]
    Yahoo: hostechs
    AOL: htsupport
    Gmail: hostectech

    If you have any queries you can contact us on the above ids or you can contact us on the live chat via our site and our representative will be happy to assist you with your queries.

    Awaiting you positive response.

    Thank you.

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