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    Post Short Terms Hosting Reviews?

    I have just seen someone to post 15-days review about hosting provider. I have also seen 3 days review and ever 24 hours review... Don't you find that short term reviews might be misleading for consumers unless the user has received terrible service or was ripped off...?
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    I see those too and I find most of them to be false. There will be some people who post legit reviews about the initial setup and dealings with support (transfering files, sales questions and how-toos) but it is almost near impossible to form an honest positive review.

    On the other hand, it is easy to form a negitive review quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours. If a customer places an order and has a problem, they will often contact the host via phone, ticket or e-mail. If the response is less then speedy, they may choose to disconue hosting with you and even post a negitive review.
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    I find a lot of the reviews to be legitimate, but 24 hours is often quite quick to know much about a provider.

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    I have done it here at the start of 2008 when i signed up with WiredTree, then updated it after 3 months down at post #12. My other reviews are in new threads, but as you can see i'm still with them now (18 months later).

    Why did i do it? To give an accurate account of the signup process while all the details were still fresh in my memory. Many hosts drop the ball on signups with late deployment, wrong hardware etc so i feel these early reviews have some merit.

    I guess you just need to take these reviews for what they are, and that's first impressions of a host and the transition rather than any long term merits.
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    I consider these 'quicky reviews' a wast of space and time, and are worthless.

    Whilst I hear what 'the Boss' says, the vast majority fall into 1 of 2 camps, both of which tend to be posted by 'noobies':
    Either they are 'sales oriented', ie I've just found a great host[I get a 20% discount if I post here] etc.
    or they are moroons that want to trash a host rather than learn to communicate.

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    I am not particularly a fan of the short term hosting reviews. Although helping people go through the process & setup time is great and all, but if you feel that it is that important write it in a note for use 3-4 months down the road when you really know for sure that the host is good. I just don't like the short term reviews because it most definitely gives the wrong impression of the host, whether the impression be good or bad.

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    They seem ok if your just rating the initial signup process or sales service. You cannot really rate uptime or anything witin 24 hours

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    That's why it's important to give the length of time that you've been there.

    Short term reviews aren't intrinsically evil, but they should be taken at face value. I was shouting from the mountain tops about how great my iPhone was within hours of getting it. It's kind of the same thing. Sometimes the excitement of being with a new host just makes you want to sing it's praises.
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