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    * SPECIAL: $49/mo Dual Xeon Processor 1GB RAM 40 GB HD 10Mbps UNMETERED

    Processor: Dual Intel Xeon 2.2GHz
    Memory: 1GB
    Hard Drive : 40GB Included
    Operating System: CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, FreeBSD, Debian or Windows (Windows $5/mo, any version)
    Control Panel: Webmin or DirectAdmin included free of charge!
    IP Addresses: 1
    Bandwidth: 10 Mbps UNMETERED Shared Connection

    Monthly Cost: $49/mo (no kidding!)


    Hard Drives:
    80GB Hard Drive: $5/mo
    160GB Hard Drive: $10/mo
    360GB Hard Drive: $15/mo
    500GB Hard Drive: $20/mo

    Extra RAM:
    1GB - $10/mo
    2GB - $15/mo
    4GB - $25/mo
    8GB - $45/mo

    Extra Bandwidth:
    Dedicated (not shared, just you!) 10Mbps unmetered port: $199/mo
    Shared (one other person) 100Mbps unmetered port: $399/mo
    Dedicated (not shared, just you!) 100Mbps unmetered port: $699/mo

    Extra IP Addresses:
    $1/mo/IP Address

    We have a limited number of these servers and they are expected to fly fast. This is an unbelievable deal for any Xeon processors, especially new ones. Coupled with our bandwidth deal, this is a great match!

    Bandwidth is a 10Mbps unmetered port shared with only 1 other person. You can expect to push 1.5TB to 3TB of data each month. If you are getting an unequal share of bandwidth, we move you to another port!

    Please PM, AIM, email (rrdc_sales {at} redrocksdatacenter [-dot-] com) or call us toll free at 866-528-5111 and ask for Kris to order this deal, make sure to mention WHT. Contract is month to month, must be signed so you understand our Terms of Services and Acceptable Use Policy. Any questions, please contact us.

    This special is a combined venture between Foxcore Hosting and Red Rocks Data Center
    Mean Servers - Mean Business
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    as would the rate of download on maximmun?

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