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    Spam from Hostechsupport?

    Why do spammers love me so much?

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Please find the enclosed attachment to know about summer offer discount on Tech Support plans.Make use of these discount to

    increase your profit and lessen your project cost.

    Please visit our website

    Thanks And Regards

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    I get spam all the time.

    Sometimes it can be fun to waste there time like you get ones saying SUM of 3.5 Million etc.

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    I think I've gotten some from them before myself. I know one support company sent me a similar email a few months ago.
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    Well, as Hosttech Support would have realized by now, that email marketing if not done in the right manner can lead to negative publicity. Honestly, I think email campaigns is never an option when it comes to the hosting industry (unless ofcourse you are in touch with the company/taken prior permission)especially because there are a lot of forums and public space where in you run the risk of damaging your company's reputation.

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    Forget about it. I'm tired to fight them. We receive spamming emails even from web host that most people around consider as reputable brands. I've also received spam from the above mentioned domain and add it to junk mail.
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    I would check to see if you were apart of any mailing list.

    The contents of the email help noone determine how you should proceed. You should always paste the headers of the e-mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDNP-EricI View Post
    I get spam all the time.

    Sometimes it can be fun to waste there time like you get ones saying SUM of 3.5 Million etc.
    Ditto, those are my favorite. "The prince of Albania needs your help!"
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    You can ask them to remove your email address from their list.
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    I love getting it into my WHMCS.....

    I got one from a host here not too long ago. I thought about outing them, but instead decided to be nice and just told them not to contact me again.

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    We get some in our e-mails, some people who don't get it into their head of "do not contact us again", that we don't want them to contact us .
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    I also got some of theirs today - it happens every few months and am considering sending an abuse mail.
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    We got the exact same spam. Will report it to their upstream provider shortly. I think they've harvested email addresses off WHT, because the address which they mailed to was posted on WHT a while ago.
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    I have never received this spam message, Though my e-mail address loves those 'You have WON', 'Lucky Winner' & 'Enlarge it today' type of e-mails.

    I personally just delete them as they come in, Just really annoying that I still receive them.
    I have reported several of the e-mails to upstream providers, Though they seem to come from everywhere.

    Germany and Russia are seeming to be the ones that I find to spam me the most. Damn Spam Bots - Please help me eradicate them all.

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    Nameserver trace for

    • Looking for who is responsible for root zone and followed
    • Looking for who is responsible for com and followed
    • Looking for who is responsible for and followed

    Nameservers for

    • returned (SERVFAIL)
    • returned (SERVFAIL)

    That made me chuckle a bit
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