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    have you a UmbraHosting review?

    Hi friends!

    I'm looking for the services of

    But I found just one review:

    Someone has something to say aboult this company?

    Thanks a lot and sorry my poor english.

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    Not heard much about them. But doing google search I found this for you. Hope this might help you have a look on it.
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    I can't find many reviews on them on these forums, just a lot of advertisements. Feel free to take a look at my search results here: - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Reviews are there. But majority seems from their shared customers. As far as dedicated is concerned the only one I could find is, that one you have pointed out in this thread. Check the other reviews also. It will help you to get an over all picture on their service. Also not much reviews can be a positive sign in some ways. Always the appearance of negative reviews will be speedier than a positive one

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    We are using UmbraHosting Xeon Qoad Core

    We are using Umbra Hosting QuadCore Xeon server since last three months and never faced a single issue. Receiving ticket replies most of the time in an hour. Requested reboot requests couple of times and got response in few minutes.

    We are using one our hosted application developed in ASP.Net 2 and SQL Server 2005 Enterprise version on this server.

    They also accepted our request for using our own Windows Server 2008 license in installation.

    I cannot mention our website on this public forum. But you can request my website address by emailing me at [email protected].

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    1 hour ??? I am waiting now 48 hours for reply from them

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    I have a VPS with them.. been very happy.. Had a billing issue once that they handled professionally (not sure if it was their issue or mine.. but it was dealt with quickly).. They respond quickly and the answers are complete - not one word or short sentences that you are scratching your head wondering if they read your email.
    I was on shared hosting, then migrated to the VPS - they did everything for me.. I'm very happy with their support. I had a blacklist issue a couple of times when on their shared hosting.. (which prompted the move to VPS).. Even had a blacklist issue on the VPS (whole block was blacklisted!).. but they worked on it promptly, and it was resolved quickly.

    But - I don't have a dedi with them... so can't comment on that side of things.

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