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    What is the best payment solution?


    I from China I was wondering what is the best way to accept payment for international customer?

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    it depend what kind of business you have, average transaction etc
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    I doing networking on server. And paypal does not allow china user to transaction in USD

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    Do you plan to open the store/site where you will charge customers' credit cards? Please provide a couple of words about the business you have.

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    PayPal is a good way to accept international payments. I'm not sure if 2Checkout is supported in your country, but you may want to look into them also.

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    We glad from Paypal. It's easy to use. Also you can try Moneybookers.
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    Yes, check Moneybookers, they support a lot of countries which are not supported by Paypal.

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    If 2CO is supported in China then it's worth considering them. We find their fraud protection to be really good, so as support.

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    PayPal, 2Checkout, Credit Card are three options that you might have to offer

    Providing some choices is always good instead of just one..

    Nobody knows what payment your potential customers will choose...
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    Be sure to check out full service solutions as well which offer multi-currency support, order pages in multiple languages, EU and US tax management, and other international payment features. Full service solutions have major advantages over basic services like PayPal, 2CheckOut, etc.

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    Ahdon, what have you finally chosen?
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    I guess Paypal and CC is excellent ways and common also. Thanks.

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    Well, there are a few options here. The most common form of payment, I find is PayPal. PayPal is a secure payment-proccessing service that allows customers to pay with a click. If they don't have PayPal they can use a credit card via PayPal too.

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