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    Cheap webhost with ssh access?

    As the subject above, which one do you recommend? I was using dreamhost before and not having any problem with them, although I don't want to pay their full fee ($10/month). I don't need massive amount of bandwidth and disk space too.

    Currently I'm on entry level VPS (128MB ram, 5GB space, 100 GB traffic). Because I'm old customer its only $12/month and new customer need to pay $20. The VPS service is really great, I never had major downtime since I'm starting using it more than a year ago. Plus, the flexibility is a major plus for me. I'm quite familiar with command shell in linux and I find it make things easier to do things.

    I'm using the VPS primarily to use it as VPN gateway, but since I won't need the VPN service anymore on next month I'd like to downgrade to cheap shared host to host my personal, low traffic site. I think using a VPS to host just personal website just overkill.

    Currently I'm trying one of free shared webhost offers on fwht and surprisingly it almost satisfy my needs (from disk space, site speed, bandwidth). But I do miss SSH access so I don't mind paying a few more bucks to have SSH access.

    But I won't change it to shared host with similar price. I think 1-2 GB of space, 10-20 GB traffic with SSH access will satisfy my needs. I don't need bazillion GB of space etc, fancy control panel, one click installer, etc. I much prefer SSH access. I'm looking to at least half of my current VPS monthly fee (the cheaper, the better)

    So, which webhost do u guys recommend? Or I'm just dreaming?

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    You can probably find a few VPSs in the "Web Hosting Offers" section under $5.
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    There are many hosts that offer shared hosting with SSH and can meet your bandwidth/disk space requirements with no problems. Do a search on the Offers Section or try the Find A Host feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xorpt View Post
    You can probably find a few VPSs in the "Web Hosting Offers" section under $5.
    Of course you can. But how long will he be able to use such deal. SSH is someting you can get on the request with your web hosting service provider. They need to be sure in you
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    holy crap.. I just saw few $6/mo VPS on offers section and that makes my current vps feels expensive. I thought that already cheap :O I wonder about the reliability though.....

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    You get what you pay for.

    Be carefull of the hosts who do not sound familiar, google them.

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    SSH access is not that common in shared environment. May be you will get it up on request or some may provide jailed shell access. So ask clearly about that.

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