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    starting a hosting company

    hi all

    i've been reading these forums for quite some time now but i haven't posted until now. I've been interested in starting a hosting company for a long time now but i've never done anything to get it started aside from getting a domain.

    I'll be 33 in 2 weeks and i live in massachusetts USA. I'm legally blind in both eyes so driving anywhere is out of the question. I've got an internet business already selling gifts and such from another website i've got. I've always had this desire to run a website hosting company since i'm a computer geek and dabble in site design.

    learning from these forums I plan on starting locally. There are alot of small businesses in my local area that don't have websites or any online presence for that matter. I've also learned that starting with a reliable reseller is the best option for me to start with. i've been looking at hostgator and innohosting (other suggestions welcome).

    Since i'll be targeting local businesses i'd like to offer 1-2gb of space and 10-20gb bandwidth per month cpanel hosting since i am familiar with it and WHM/WHMCS for the managment aspect of the accounts. I will not be overselling. I would like to provide my own customer support (i prefer to be hands on then use end user support provided by the reseller but support for me is good to have in case i need a bit of help) I will offer ticket support, live chat, toll free support, initially toll free would be the only method that could operate 24/7.

    i've already talked with hostgator about being a reseller I'm leaning towards them because they offer a bit more space and bandwidth then innohosting. I also don't want a reseller that oversells if possible and don't even pitch the unlimited space/bandwidth i know there is no such thing.

    my budget is $10k but i can go up to $15k.

    advertising is no problem i plan on going door to door as well as using other local advertising methods.

    expanding is fairly easy with HG i can move to one of there dedicated servers if i outgrow their reseller plans or go to the planet which provides there servers and use a server managment company (PSM comes to mind) since i'm unable to get to the data center myself.

    wow with all that said suggestions for other reseller hosts is welcome. am i headed in the right direction as far as starting this company? would it be wise to buy hosting clients from another hosting company thats selling them? Thanks for any input and suggestions.


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    Wow, it seems like you have your basic plan ready to go and I personally think you are doing everything right

    The most important thing myself and the team has found when we started in the hosting business is that its all about time... I always think some people just think they start a web hosting business and then thats it they are in getting in money. BUT with your budget for advertising and plans for local business $10K (So around 6/7K GBP) will get you started and ready for the year.

    With regards to buying clients, I would suggest waiting on doing anything like that just for a few months at least just while you get your foot in the door and get your name out there. We have taken companies / clients over before and 80/90% of the time all works fine.

    I would suggest not to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your money, at first only spend a small amount as no one wants to see you spend your entire budget in only a few months. But I think you prob already know that as you have already planned using a reseller at first

    I always suggest one thing before anyone I know starts a company MAKE A LIST! make a list of everything you need even if you already know in your mind. Having a list to check off is very useful and helps make sure you get all the bases covered.

    When you have started and have the basics such as your site, whmcs and so on just spend some time getting on as many directories as you can. Sites like:

    Also forums are a huge help as well, I would say WHT has been a great forum to be on with a good sig just so people know your name and helping others which shows your skills + (BIG PLUS) you get to learn new things about hosting.

    Well I hope this helps, unsure if it will do as you already seem like you have your plan All the best in your business and hope you will update us with what happens.

    If you need any help, post or PM me and I will be more than happy to write another long page of general views


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    With a budget like that, you may want to get your own dedicated server, rent it, or even colocate it.

    I would get a good web design, nothing that's too flashy/template looking...It really helps. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my design, for not looking like a template, and being strait forward. - Corp.
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    Sounds like your ready and looking forward into this, Good luck.

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    great plan and good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vivithemage View Post
    With a budget like that, you may want to get your own dedicated server, rent it, or even colocate it.
    Even with a budget like that, I'd recommend starting off with a reseller package so that you can get your feet wet before jumping right into the industry - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Quote Originally Posted by XeHSean View Post
    Even with a budget like that, I'd recommend starting off with a reseller package so that you can get your feet wet before jumping right into the industry
    I was going to suggest the same thing. There's no reason to burn through money just because you have some available.

    The local businesses you attract will probably be well served on your reseller account.

    You can always host your own site on something like Slicehost for $20/mo so you can practice managing a full (virtual) server. When you're comfortable with that then a dedicated machine might make more sense.

    There's a lot to learn at first, but the most important thing is initiative. Good luck!
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    If i was you i would start out on a cheap VPS. Just to you get the hang of things
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    Welcome to WHT

    Good Luck! - Domains | Shared Hosting | Reseller Hosting | VPS Server
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    Good luck with it all.

    If you need any help, or any other specific questions feel free to ask - we're all here to help each other.

    I would suggest starting off with a VPS and most providers give a CPanel license for free, or very cheap. This will have plenty of power to get started. If you can afford it, get two at 2 different locations for remote back up just to be safe. $50 a month would easily get you two VPSes, they can also be upgraded on the fly, or easily shifted to a dedicated solution. - VPS Control Panel
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