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Thread: VPS in Dubai

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    VPS in Dubai


    My first post here.
    Just wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with hosting in Dubai or UAE. I have heard of internet filtering in Dubai and also heard of "Free Zones". Question is will there be any difference if we got our server from "Free Zone" company in terms of filtering.
    We are looking to eventually get a dedicated server but first need a VPS to test network connection etc...
    Anyone knows of any good companies that can give us VPS in Dubai.


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    265 seem to do vps in dubai, but i've not used them.
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    In Dubai the data transfer is expensive.
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    I think if you speak Arabic .. Some sites help you famous Arab

    Speak Arabic? If yes .. Will give you some Arabic sites that help you in this.

    Best Regards.

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    In middle east high internet connection are too much expensive and that is the problem here

    Many companies offer low bandwith with high price because of that

    We Arabs host with the American's and uk data center because low prices and high bandwith with high-speed connections

    And there knowledge about the service they provide

    I don't say that the arab hoster don't know about provide a good service but the internet connections in our area is not good to provide a good and high-speed data center

    So with recommendations I say middle east is not the best choice now

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