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    cent os 5 or 5.3 ?? and will kloxo work with 5.3 ??

    cent os 5 or 5.3 - which is preferred??

    And will kloxo work on cent Os 5.3 64bit ??
    or atleast 32 bit ?

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    Judging by the download link located at it would appear they only have support for servers using 32-bit processors, however with the lack of specifications or requirements listed on their website this is hard to say for sure. As for your CentOS question there generally aren't many major changes to the core operating system between minor releases (from 5.0 to 5.3) that would prevent the script from operating, so it's safe to go with the latest stable release of CentOS.

    Hope this answers your questions!

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    Going with 5.0 will be a safe option.

    5.3 is also stable but there can be few updates for this

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    Kloxo worked fine on CentOS 5 64bit fine the last time I used it. As mentioned above, I don't think there have been many major updates been 5.0 and 5.3 - In that case, it should work fine.

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    I wouldnt reccomend using Kloxo taken that LxLabs is practically dead in the water, and is currently vulnerable to numerous security holes.

    If you want an alternative take a look at ISPConfig, although you will need to get your hands dirty in SSH to install it.


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    I dont know for some of you, centos 4.7 works best for our systems. may like to try it.

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    At this point I would *STRONGLY* suggest staying away from Kloxo. As the user above put it, the project is no longer under development. It's fully done for unless someone finds, decrypts and releases the source.

    The state of the project is that it sits with *MASSIVE* security vulnerabilities right now. It's very easy to exploit this product. The owner committed suicide shortly after the list of exploits were published and a large customer was hacked and all data wiped. Chances are that those security issues will never get fixed.

    It's actually a very tragic story, and not good in any way shape or form, but here's a link to it on their own forums.

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    ya I know about tht, my friend wants just simple things to be done from the Kloxo end, after completing the task we would turn off kloxo, I think hypervm is the vulnerable as it handles the server over the lxAdmin

    and thanks for ur suggestions, I will pass them on to my friend

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