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    Thumbs up Support Techs Needed for Outsourced Support Company

    Hello all,

    A friend and I, both with years of hosting experience, have decided to try and start an outsourced hosting support business that will mainly focus on support for CPanel hosting companies. Plesk, and other CP's, might be added in the near future but, for now the main focus will be CPanel hosts.

    We will operate under one company name, and have an anonymous, unbranded, support desk setup for hosting clients to submit tickets under another domain name. We then login to support desk and answer the ticket for the host, anonymously, so that the host can spend his or her time building their business, rather than keeping their current client base happy. The client should never know that we do not work for the host, we simply handle the support. When addressing a clients ticket, it should be answered as if you were a part of the "Whatever" hosting business.

    We are looking for at least 3 - 5 other people with experience in cpanel hosting, and/or server management. To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

    1. Must speak clear English, and be able to communicate in a professional manor. We don't want anyone that's going to type in ALL CAPS, capitalize every word, or speak as you would on a text message or chat room with the "omg, bff, ttyl" type of thing. We want to run a professional business, and we will not tolerate anything less.

    2. Must have experience in CPanel / WHM but, complete server management is a plus.

    3. Must be available to answer tickets at least 5-6 hours a day. You will not have designated hours but, we would like for as many people as possible to be on when a ticket is posted so that the response time is minimal.

    4. Must also agree to never mention to the ticket opener that we are only an outsourced company hired to handle support for their clients.

    5. Not really a requirement but, would be a plus if you know anything about coding such as HTML, PHP, CSS, etc.

    Payment for the position can be worked out. but we were thinking that it would be best on a per ticket resolved basis. This way, the more tickets you're online to handle, the more you'll make.

    If you are interested in applying for a position, and a chance to make some money online in your spare time, you can PM me here, or send an email to admin(AT)afreewebhost(DOT)com with the following infomation:

    Note: In the subject line, please enter " Support Tech Position".

    1. Your Name
    2. Your Location
    3. Your Email Address
    4. Your Age
    5. Your Hosting Experience
    6. Can you manage a server effectively, or should you strictly handle CPanel/WHM issues only.
    7. Hours a day you can be available to answer tickets.
    8. What do you think would make you our best choice between all the other applicants. what makes you stand out?

    We will manually review all applications, and contact each one as quickly as possible. Please be sure to submit all the required information above. Failure to submit all required information will result in your email being trashed, and not reviewed.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Sorry what is the salary?

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    As stated above, it will most likely be on a per ticket basis, although that may be changed once we get things moving. I personally think it would be best though on a per ticket basis.


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    Hello Sir,
    We have 5 years experience in the Same as per mentioned in your requirement.We are the experts in Cpanel and server management.We are ready to start immediately.Please Check PMB for details.


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    Email has been sent. Looking forward for your reply.
    Server Management, Server Security, Server Monitoring.
    India's Leading Managed Service Provider !! Skype: techs24x7

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    Email sent. Thanks.
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    We can fulfill your requirements. You can contact us at info (at) supportfacility (dot) com
    Support Facility | Your 24/7 outsourcing partner!
    Technical support | Server management
    Fantabulous hosting technical support

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    Sending an email!!

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    an email has been sent!

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    Dear Sir,

    I don't have much experience in the technical side. I was working as a Level1 Tech support executive for the web hosting companies. I am well versed in handling chats Kayako chat support, Live person chat support. And a part of billing too. Please let me know if I suitable to your requirements.

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    We've sent you an email with detailed info.

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    Mail sent.

    I have sent the mail. Please check..


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    E-mail sent

    Best regards,
    Olivier Baum

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    Hello Sir,
    we are awaiting for your response.


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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am awaiting your response.

    Thank you.

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    I have sent my resume to the email mentioned. Please check it.


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    Email sent, waiting to hear back.
    DJ Anderson
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