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    Question I need quotes and advices to chouse provider for my server

    I need quotes to chouse provider for my server
    any one who will help thank you in advance

    I need dedicated server with configuration like that:
    AMD / Athlon with CPU 1/1.5 Ghz
    HDD: 40-60 GB
    RAM: 512
    I need FreeBSD on there
    monthly traffic (Bandwidth): about 20 GB
    10 or 100 Mbit port

    monthly payment not more then 100$
    setup not more then 100$

    all offers you can send to [email protected]
    or talk to me on icq: 665391

    Thanks again in advance.

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    I imagine there are quite a few hosts out there who will offer what you are looking for... Be sure to do your homework as there are good and bad and cost should not be the only issue.

    Check their support, check references and even do a search here to see their reputation. I would use some caution and prudence when reading posts as this board has a tendency for people to be a little unreasonable in their expectations.

    Good luck.
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    try, and - im sure you`ll find the server you`re looking for there. There is P4 1,7 on rackforce for $99 at least though, their pings not good, but better than pings in russia

    Also try to use right forum for your requests:
    - Web Hosting Requests

    and finally take a look at "Dedicated Hoting Special Offers".

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    [email protected] and zappp THANK you guys

    zappp this server is specially for our international clients. In Russia I already have 2 servers for clients in Moscow and for clients in other Russia so great ping from Moscow is not really primary goal here but links that you gave me are pretty close to what I need thank you for that.

    [email protected] thank you to for advice I will check all background of company that I will chouse

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