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    moving Cpanel account to anorther Cpanel account

    and want the one email account, which currently forwards to another address to not lose any mail. Would I add both the old and the new MX records to the account on the new server, and then switch the DNS? Slightly confused, thanks.

    The idea is to lose no email. This will be done at night as well.

    PS it will still forward to the same account as it currently does when it gets moved to the new server.

    Thanks, Dave

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    You will not lose any mail as long as the old server stays up until propagation is done. Even if some mail still routes to the old server, all you have to do is check the mail by the ip address to get them.

    You can also change the MX record entry as well if you want to do it that way.
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    Thanks, that is what I ended up doing. I love it when namecheap propagates in 3 minutes. Sweet.

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