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    Recommended NL DCs?

    Ecatel and WorldStream are worthless....

    WorldStream taks 2 days just to get a ticket answered and then they reply with a question...

    I need reliability.

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    Equinix has a pretty big pop out in AMS. I'm sure if you contacted them they could hook you up with a reseller that could provide the support services you need. You probably don't want to buy direct from them as it's quite pricey unless you buy in quantity.

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    if you're looking to rent a server, look for a good datacenter, and then find the ISPs in it - it's rare, but not unknown for ISP to own/manage it's own datacenter anyway. We-Dare datacenter in rotterdam is pretty good. The ISPs there are listed at:

    a couple to note are i3d and serverboost. You can browse all the other datacenters, and check the ISP websites, and send out a few emails. To see the list of datacenter locations see:

    Click 'Nederland' at the left, and either browse the entire country list, or narrow further by selecting a city link if you prefer.

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