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    My Host

    I am an Australian and I use byethost a American host to park my sites. The reason I am writing this is in appreciation for the help and assistance they have given me over several years. I first chose them as their fees were lower than most.

    What has impressed me is there patience and imediate assistance. Due to the time difference I ask a question in the everning and an answer is there in the morning considering there is at least a 10hrs. time delay I still get the feeling they are waiting there to help.

    This is my first post otherwise I could give a url. They are a great company and deserve recognition. I do not work for them and would not normaly go out of my way to write a recomendation but they have impressed me with their assistance and this is by way of appreciation.

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    Great, which domain's do you have parked with them? I understand it's your first post but dont type www. or just simply hit the red report button so a moderator can verify thanks alot.

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    Hi Thanks for your comment.

    I have two domains which I advertise my Universal Ink Jet Monitors. These are quite popular.

    A Subdomain A Ebay utility I have created

    " " A Windows Web-Mail-Memo-App tool that I created to give me a type of roboform - Memo keeper - Web page browser with or without a browser live - email address loader in a mail client form. Soon it will all exist in a military encrypted container on a usb drive key. I keep all my details secure that way and I can have 100's of log in details always available to be used when I want not when a program thinks I do. The memo module is a big asset to me. The 4 modules assist me in my use of Window and gives me what Window and othe utilities cannot do together. There are trials available and help files explaining the various utilities. a parked domain to site my personal online garage sale (working on this currently). Great challenge and enjoyble. I need to sell some of my treasures to buy new ones. Being retired funds are tight.

    Future projects
    Simple form producer creating a html and matching php form

    An Add creator for hosted Ebay adds.

    I create utilities primarily for my own use and then if I find that there is merit and that maybe they would be marketable I get some beta testing done and then offer them for sale.

    It is a hobby and It pays for my internet usage which is expensive in Australia.
    Web page designing is not my greatest talent but I enjoy doing it. I get a great kick out of seeing a program idea work like a php creation utility that I will use for my online shop. Yes I am enfusiastic about many interests from electronics to plumbing I can weld, turn, do carpentry, Tile, Program nc machines and brew my own beer. That is a few of my indoor persuits. Not enough hours in the day. I have already cut my sleeping time down to 6 hrs max. in't life great

    I am currently trying my hands at php got a way to go but I will get there. The guys at actually gave me some information on how php forms are constructed so how helpful is that. No wonder I am full of their praise. There are not many that will go that far to not only help but contribute ideas for me to enhance my knowledge. Hats off to them I say. They are tops in my book.

    I notice that you also host or advertise it. I have taken your post as an enquiry to me on my comment and hopefully I have answered it in like vane.

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