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    FutureHosting vs EuroVPS

    I need a VPS based in Europe for a high traffic forum, who's best out of these two?

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    Did you check the VPS offers already?
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    Yes but price a side, who's the better host for my needs? I would go for managed btw.

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    Saying Europe you mean UK, Western Europe or Central/Eastern Europe?

    Germany is a very competitive market... 1TB/m ~20$ is possible... good interconnection to whole Europe through it's central location.

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    I will certanly recommend EuroVPS. They utilize Leaseweb's Datacenter as far as I know and its uptime is amazing with a very good throughput. Since you are targeting for Europe, I would say EuroVPS can certainly meet your need. Also its latency is about 80ms to East Coast USA.
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    I would target mainly UK users with America next, are you saying FutureHosting do not have very good uptime? Is their UK datacenter down a lot?

    EuroVPS seem expensive to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wimbly View Post
    EuroVPS seem expensive to me.
    You get what you pay for. The reason Eurovps may not be the cheapest is because they have excellent service. Several years now I've been with them and I've yet to experience a problem they haven't resolved within a short space of time... I can't say that of other hosts who often give people the endless runaround or pretend there is no problem.
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    You get an "excellent service" with EuroVPS, sure but I've also heard that about FutureHosting. So my question really should be, what do EuroVPS offer over FutureHosting that justifies the difference in price?

    Looking at the packages with my untrained eye, it seems FH is better value for money especially as they don't use burstable ram. Are we to believe that they oversell their VPSs and that is why their prices are much lower than EuroVPS?

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    Anyone? I notice FutureHosting constantly are having these brilliant offers. Could it be they are overselling?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wimbly View Post
    Anyone? I notice FutureHosting constantly are having these brilliant offers. Could it be they are overselling?

    We do not oversell any of our nodes. I can't speak for EuroVPS; however, I can say we purchase our nodes in bulk and thus are able to buy higher spec systems at significantly discounted prices. It should also be noted that EuroVPS runs a tight shop and they provide excellent service to their clients.
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    Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wimbly View Post
    Anyone? I notice FutureHosting constantly are having these brilliant offers. Could it be they are overselling?
    They do not oversell that I am aware of. I have tried on occasion to get some wiggle room in my plan. They have been very direct and honest, and will say "nope" can't do that.

    This is a personal opinion, but when a company says, "they cannot do something or that is the very bottom line", then they are a company that has a plan.... and overselling is not part of it.

    Another reason I applaud FH... is they will openly tell you that if are you expecting something in this forum that is not possible with them, then they say it and no BS.... and just from their most recent post in this thread, they recognize other competitor companies for the work they do.

    I believe you will be happy in either case. My personal opinion... is of course FH. Love these guys! In a data sort of way.

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    I have used both EuroVPS and Futurehosting, and I have used Futurehosting for the last year or so now.
    I have had so little downtime that I have canceled my Hyperspin account.
    They have VERY good service and support, and their nodes is fast and stable.

    I'm living in Norway, and the EuroVPS nodes had some better ping times then FutureHosting nodes. But I think Netherlands has better connections to Norway then the UK.

    If most of your customers is in the UK, I had went for FutureHosting. You will not be sorry for that choice.
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    I know I'm coming to this conversation late, but I currently use BOTH of these hosts, and highly recommend them both. You won't lose choosing between these two.
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