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    New vaserv problems... or not?

    Evenin' all,

    This is sort of a quick "is-it-just-me" question - I have six or seven VPSs with VAServ, and despite the recent problems everything's been running just fine... until this morning. One VPS in particular (with uptime of ~11 months and no host downtime since Feb 08) vanished without trace today. Its parent host (, for anyone interested) has also stopped pinging. I opened a ticket this morning (IHC-627362 for anyone reading), but have yet to receive a non-canned reply.

    So.. has anyone else had any *new* problems with VAServ VPS's - in the last 24 hours or so?

    My services are up-and-running elsewhere.. but it'd be very nice to know if I've got to make the temporary move permanent or not...

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    Your best bet is to contact them directly as I'm sure they're extremely busy lately so just keep trying until they find out the cause.

    Good luck
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    Looks like it's back up? I can ping

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    Same here. It was restored almost two weeks ago but down again. Asked them and they replied "I am afraid that the hostnode on which your server was located has suffered complete data loss. We are offering new server on new platform with two months free hosting."

    Looks like this is their standard response lately to everything.

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    My server (on a xen) was also running fine during all that mess. I kept my hands off it as a precaution. Then, when they said they were done and would resume normal operations, I started working on it again. One night, I issues a reboot command, and it never came back! They said, the host was missing a /boot partition. After that, I have been reading others also having problems: mostly on xen.

    If anyone else is on their xen: time to update your backup!

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    Hi, I have two VPS with them. The first one has clock problems since the massive cracking, and the second one has stopped working this morning.

    I think they are still having problems...

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    Well, my VPS crashed today, and I submitted a ticket for them to restart it. I do not really know what happened. I installed litespeed, it ran for 30 min with some minor non-fatal fork() errors. Then when I checked webmin, I noticed webmin was acting weird. First, I noticed the disk space meter was gone. Then the kernel information showed just "on". Then, all images disappeared, then lastly webmin crashed. Litespeed still running. But then litespeed disappeared too and now the server seems down...

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