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    Advise on a web design


    I'm currently building a browser based game (similar to this one which is simple but I'm happy with). The website I need help with is

    Now I'm not great with web design but can normally play with something until I'm happy with it. The home/login area of this website is doing my head in, I can't work out a nice design I'm happy with which includes the existing top area (the "rollercoaster" cartoon etc, which someone else drew for me). I want to keep the cartoon drawing and login box bit because I think it looks really nice, but will still listen to any advise which includes stripping that bit out.

    Does anybody have any advise on what I could do with this to make it look nice, easy to follow? Not that it matters too much, the inside area of the browser game looks like this:


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    I'm not a professional web designer so I won't give you any advice except to definitely keep the cartoon drawing. It is well done and really goes well with the game.
    Everyone is entitled to MY opinion.

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    I'm a bit new, but like the guy above me said: Keep the Drawing. Maybe put the log in box in a horizontal fashion, and put it on the top of the drowing, or maybe even integrate the login box with the picture.

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    As has been mentioned, the illustration is awesome. It really makes the header, which has a nice login box as well. The buttons on the top are straight forward, so that's a good thing. The side menu isn't terrible, but at the same time it's very similar in style to the buttons above it, which are bigger, so the user won't be attracted to that straight away. I'd recommend a bit more padding and whitespace for the content area, and perhaps lose the background color on that. Also for the titles, maybe lose the background bar as well?

    Honestly I would consider redoing the menu.. you have three large buttons on top, which the issues will be attracted to, however every one of those is repeated in your menu. If possible, stick with one sign up button, and as few buttons as possible, like just scrapping the side menu all together and making the top menu items smaller, but using that sign as the only menu.

    Hope that helps!

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    For the login part on top, try using a blue color like the sky from the cartoon. All in one is looking pretty good

    Best of luck.

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