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    Need a logo! [$50-100 budget]

    Looking for a logo/brand identity for my company. Would like the letter A in the logo but it's not a requirement. Want the logo themed to be linked with the Northwest US (Mainly Washington state--Whatcom county). Some ideas: anchor, chain, evergreens, boats, ocean, etc. Would like any who are up for the task to submit past work and a mockup or two to [email protected] Those who meet the criteria will be contacted for payment and completion. Feel free to add me on MSN ([email protected]) or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Please do NOT private message me. Can't guarantee this thread will be monitored so try to keep all chatter via the methods listed above. Budget for this project is $50-100, depending on skill/experience of the designer and quality of the final project.

    Edit: Company name is Aschen Networks, feel free to drop the Networks portion if need be. We're based out of Bellingham, WA, our main client base will be local so I would prefer to keep the entire site appeal to folks in the beautiful NW
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