We've just released 84 brand new tutorials for Joomla, a popular open-source CMS system. The new tutorials are divided into 5 separate series as follows:

Joomla New Setup series (20 demos)
Joomla New Admin series (17 demos)
Joomla New CMS series (17 demos)
Joomla New Extensions series (18 demos)
Joomla New End-User series (12 demos)

To view these, and all of our other 3,200+ tutorials, go to http://www.demowolf.com/pricing.php

Voice versions of these new tutorials will be available within a couple weeks.

We previously released 3 series of tutorials for Joomla (an Installation, Administration and Content Management series), but they were not as complete as they could have been. These NEW Joomla tutorials released today are much more descriptive, and cover many more aspects of Joomla... virtually anything a user would want to know about Joomla is covered. Anyone who previously purchased any of the 3 original Joomla series will get a full credit for the value of the old tutorials, to put towards these new Joomla tutorials. To take advantage of this credit/offer, please contact us directly.

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Our Spring Sale has also been extended until June 30, 2009, whereby all our tutorials are on at 50% off regular prices, and even greater savings when larger "bundles" are ordered. Orders received during regular business hours are usually filled within 1 hour, while off-hours orders are filled the following morning.

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