FastServ Streaming Slashed 50% for all WHT members!

Get 50% off normal rates for new customers, or existing customers who purchase additional capacity. Our prices have never been this low in the 6-years we have been in business!

Get the FastServ experience with a "SlowServ" price!

Windows Media, Shoutcast, and Icecast2 pricing, per slot:

128Kbps - $2.00 - 50% = $1.00/slot
64Kbps - $1.00 - 50% = $0.50/slot
24Kbps - $0.50 - 50% = $0.25/slot

Here is the amazing Internal FCP optimized bandwidth mix all streaming customers receive. We guarantee you and your viewer's satisfaction:

-Global Crossing (10G)
-Level3 (2x10G)
-Savvis (2x10G)
-Telia (10G)
-Nlayer (10G)
-Comcast (10G)

West coast, East coast, and EU server locations available.

To take advantage of these special deals, please contact me directly
and mention this post to receive a secret checkout code!

[email protected]


FastServ Windows-based Automation Servers

Looking for a more reliable solution for your SAM or Station Playlist software running on your DSL or Cable, and don't want to give up all that control you're use to?

One of our most exciting products is Windows-based servers which allow you to remotely install and operate SAM3/4, Station Playlist, or any other application you want using the free "Remote Desktop" or "VNC" software that works with both PC and Macs.

Not sure if you can handle running a server? I will personally hold your hand during the setup and installation process. Trust me, it's no different than operating your own PC, except it's everywhere you go!

Each plan has more than enough resources to operate at least one instance of Spacial Audio's SAM3/SAM4 software with any number of encoder combinations. Customers report being able to operate two instances of SAM3 with no side effects on plans 3 and above.

We handle the setup (or migration of your existing install), FREE of charge. We also install SAM in such a way that it will automatically start or restart itself -- no more having to manually restart SAM after a server reboot.

Source your Loudcity hosted servers, FastServ servers, or servers from any other stream host.

Plan 0 - 10Gb HDD - $39.00
Plan 1 - 20Gb HDD - $49.00
Plan 2 - 40Gb HDD - $59.00
Plan 3 - 80Gb HDD - $79.00
Plan 4 - 120Gb HDD - $99.00
Plan 5 - 160Gb HDD - $129.00
Note: 20% Reseller discounts available for Stream Hosts or consultants

With all plans, bandwidth is unlimited. However, you are not allowed to run large stream servers that take up server and network resources. Please purchase a separate bandwidth plan if you want to host a large amount of listeners. Contact us for pricing.

To recap, here are the benefits of your FastServ Server:

- Windows operating system
- 99.999% uptime for your SAM software
- Auto SAM monitoring to make sure you're always streaming
- Remote control using "Remote Desktop" - Just like using your own PC
- FTP access to your music library
- Upgrade disk space at any time
- Unmetered bandwidth
- Works with any streamhost
- No more leaving your computer on
- No more worring about cable/dsl outtages
- Run SAM even if you're using a Mac
- Sleep easy!

To take advantage of these special deals, please contact me directly and mention this post to receive a secret checkout code!

[email protected]