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    do i need add "s" ?

    i want to register a domain,

    compare **** vs ****

    which ine should i take?


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    Both. Domains are inexpensive enough now that there's no reason not to. Not getting potential misspellings will come back to haunt you.
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    My thoughts as well. Grab them both.
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    if i wnat to chose one to be the main domain of my site,

    which one should i use ?


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    It depends on what the first word is.

    Register them both. Then come back here and tell us the domains. So we will tell you which one should be the main domain.
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    I bought a singular/plural pair of domains, put up a plain webpage on both, then watched to see which got more traffic.

    I just noticed, so far you've had a community leader, a premium member, and two guides responding.

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    I would agree with the others, get both. As far as the primary, I would recommend the non-plural.

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    If it is a generic term, take both. Sometimes people can't quite remember which one it is when doing type-ins.
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    In general, when you have the plural of the word you can play for both versions of the word.
    On the other hand if you have only the singular only a small percent of the users searching with plural will see your result.

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