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    * [For Hire] California / Long term remote


    First of all, I would like to introduce myself.
    I am a 18 years old self-taught PHP enthusiast from Montreal, Canada.

    I have started building websites at a young age, being 13 when I first published
    a working HTML page to the public with a friend of mine, who was writing content (the page does not exist anymore, unfortunately).
    I have continued learning new things during these 5 years such as JavaScript, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

    I fell in love with PHP so I kept reading, reading and reading online documentation regarding it and eventually
    started helping various people with their websites that needed server-side scripting done.
    When I was 14-15 year old, I was an avid online gamer so that's where my first PHP experience started.

    I helped many online teams get their website online with the help of designers, wether it was on paid or free web hosting.

    My knowledge does not stop there.

    In 2006, I discovered the wonders of free hosting.
    No, not as a free hostee but as someone who would help a free hosting community!
    I started posting on a free hosting community's message board and liked the feel of the community so I was helping
    people even though I was not officially part of the team.

    One day, one of the admins told us that there were volunteer job openings!
    There were 2 positions to fill: community team and technical team member.
    At first, I really wanted to be part of the technical team but unfortunately the position was taken by someone
    whom the owner had worked with so I applied for the community team and I got accepted. Great!

    I got involved a lot and did Live Chat support when the newly hired technical team member left.

    Eventually, I got promoted to a higher position as a supervisor to oversee staff members and had other tasks involved.

    Back on topic now.

    As the title suggests, I am looking to relocate to California (preferably near Los Angeles or San Francisco) and would prefer an on-site full-time job as either a PHP developper, technical support staff or data center job that you may have for me.
    BUT I could also take long term (3 or more) remote projects that could guarantee me work for a few months.
    In either case, I would expect a contract / legal agreement to be signed by both you and me so we know the job gets done and I get paid.

    Also, I can pay for the relocation but a little help to settle down would be appreciated but not required at all.

    Finally, if you have questions to ask or have a job opportunity for me:

    - Send me an email at [email protected]
    - Send me a PM Yeow

    Thank you very much for considering my offer.

    - Denis

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    Still looking.

    If you have offices in Canada, I can start working there and relocate later.


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