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    new revamp of design, what do you think?

    Hey guys, can you give an idea of what you think of our new design, ive been working on it for the past 2 weeks.

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    Hi Nathaniel,

    I hope my comments below are helpful and not seem at all like Im putting it down in any way

    - I would change the images to text and use CSS to create the style as such (Better for SEO) unless you were going to do that anyway.
    - Maybe make the navigation text size smaller as it looks a bit full at the moment, or take some of the links off to use else where OR drop down menus.

    - One thing on the background, on the corners at the bottom of the red I would take off the corners as it would look nice and clean. So it will be one line stopping at the base of the red.

    - I would make the corners smaller in size so not such a large curve as a smaller style is more web 2.0 and would look nice

    - If you add some line height to the general site (Within body tag of CSS) this would help with the reading of the text
    - Make sure areas are aligned with each other
    - Add some spacing around your login form to clean it up a bit.
    - Also add a favicon which is always good to have.

    Hope this helps, and you dont think I was being harsh in any way Its just my views anyway.

    P.S. Liking the logo!

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