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    Talking review [2 year review!]

    Well, it's been about two years since I became a customer of DedicatedBox (check my first review, dated 2nd July 2007, and that was after around two weeks of using them), so I thought I'd write another review. And I must say, it's been a great two years.

    I don't have my original dedicated server any more, some friends and I upgraded to a more powerful server around the start of this year. My original server was a AMD Athlon XP 2000+, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB IDE hard drive for US$45 per month. The specifications of the current server are Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 (2.13GHz), 2 GB RAM, 160 GB SATA hard drive, for $90 per month (I think, I don't manage the payments for it any more, my friend does). The more powerful dual core processor definitely helps — The new server is running a lot more than my old one, and yet the load average is significantly lower. At the moment, the server has 10 virtual servers running on it, including a cPanel one. This is using Linux-vserver, for minimal overheads.

    In the two years, there's been two issues which caused my server to go down:
    1) A power outage at their data centre caused their servers to go down [September 2008]
    2) A routing issue which made their whole network inaccessible [March 2009, also happened in 2008 but I forget the date ]
    However, in both cases, they weren't the fault of DedicatedBox. Apart from those, I haven't had any issues regarding uptimes (my first server had an uptime of over a year).

    Now, there is one issue that I've encountered with DedicatedBox, and that is spam blacklisting. Quite often, the class C subnets that DedicatedBox are using end up listed in spam blacklists. I'm not sure whether it's DedicatedBox allowing spammers, or other providers using the same IP ranges (Akanoc, ColoAlacarte, et al.). This doesn't both me tooo much (since the listing are often removed relatively quickly, and my sites don't use email much), but one of my friends moved away from DedicatedBox because of this. Another issue is support — Support these days seems to be a little slower than they used to be, often taking a few hours to reply. However, since they're a budget unmanaged server provider, I kinda expected this.

    A few things have changed for the better since my first order in 2007. Back then, one of my complaints was that they didn't have a proper ordering system, you had to email sales with your order. Since then, they've implemented a proper ordering and billing system, which makes things a lot easier. Another thing that's changed is their upstream providers. They don't appear to be routing through Cogent as much any more, which has removed a lot of the latency that used to be on the network.

    Here's a trace route from my ADSL connection in Melbourne, Australia:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Daniel>tracert
    Tracing route to []
    over a maximum of 30 hops:
      1     3 ms     1 ms    <1 ms
      2    24 ms    28 ms    24 ms
      3    24 ms    22 ms    23 ms []
      4    25 ms    23 ms    34 ms []
      5    35 ms    34 ms    34 ms []
      6   221 ms   204 ms   204 ms
      7   226 ms   204 ms   198 ms []
      8   226 ms   204 ms   202 ms []
      9   226 ms   191 ms   218 ms []
     10   240 ms   204 ms   204 ms []
     11   225 ms   207 ms   204 ms []
    Trace complete.
    One thing that DedicatedBox don't seem to mention is about additional IP addresses. You can actually get a maximum of 20 IP addresses per server. Up to 10 for free, and additional IPs are $1 per month per IP. All need valid justification, which is required by ARIN. While other server providers are cheaper than DedicatedBox, DedicatedBox usually comes out on top — They have 10 IPs for free, and free support. A lot of other budget providers charge for additional IPs or support.

    Overall, I'm VERY happy with the level of service provided by DedicatedBox. Support sometimes takes a while to reply, but they always know what they're doing and are very helpful (especially if you get a reply from Liroy, the owner). There's a reason I'm still with DedicatedBox — They provide a good service, at great prices. With the exception of my domain name registrar ( /, they're the only company I've stayed with for over 2 years (back when I used shared hosting, I used to hop between different free web hosts ). I'd certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a cheap dedicated server provider, I'm more than happy with them

    tldr: DedicatedBox are good and cheap. Use them for budget servers

    Also, kinda offtopic, but for anyone getting a server, I'd suggest getting a Debian server, installing Linux-vserver, and then running everything from virtual servers. This will let you run more than one "virtual" server on your server, and is also way easier if you screw something up and need to reinstall from scratch (no need to ask for a reinstall, just create a new virtual server). At the moment, my server has 10 virtual servers running on it (9 Debian and one CentOS for cPanel). Unlike other solutions like OpenVZ and such, Linux-Vserver doesn't require you to use resource limits, so I have all the virtual servers nicely sharing resources with no explicit limits.
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    Thanks for taking time to write such a long review on your provider. It is not easy to please a customer for long term. So congrats to DedicatedBox. More follow ups will be expected in future.

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    Hey Daniel,

    thank you for your review!! And your kind words to me
    Happy to see you enjoy the service. And it's already been two years!? Time flies

    I read your review and noticed the support bit. You are right about that, we have been too slow with answering support tickets as of late.
    This is going to be changed over the next couple of days while our new company is launching. So I hope you will be more happy with the support.
    And regarding the blacklisted IP's: we do not allow spammers, but due to the low prices, we unfortunately seem to attract alot of them We usually take care of it very quickly though, but there are some spamlists that really are a royal pita.

    Thanks again for your review

    - Liroy
    DedicatedBox Dedicated Servers

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