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    * I need WINDOWS RESELLER hosting with WHMCS and DOMAIN reseller account of $7 or less



    • WHMCS
    • Domain Reseller account of less than $7 like innohosting giving.
    • Less than $20 per year

    Can anyone help me?

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    You're going to have to raise you budget, anyone offering a reseller account with WHMCS for that amount of money is losing a fortune and won't be in business for long.
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    Ok. How much should I raise my budget to?

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    Surely the Windows and WHMCS licenses alone would bring it closer to $20 per month...
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    Oh sorry, that was month only not $20 per year :p How can I edit it?

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    Yeah, WHMCS by itself is usually around $12 a month on its own. I've seen it a little cheaper maybe, but I would plan on $12 per month just for WHMCS. Then add the hosting in.

    If your budget is $20 a month, you should be able to find something, but it's running on the low end.
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    I would recommend you to keep you budget to around $30-$35 per month for a reliable windows reseller hosting solution with WHMCS. If you'd like to bring it down, you can consider to purchase WHMCS rather than leasing it as one off purchase will cost you around $200 - one time from LicensePal.

    BTW, what are your disk space / bandwidth requirements? Do you require MS SQL db support?

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    I wouldnt recommend finding a host just because it includes whmcs!

    Have a look at and buy WHMCS yourself its really cheap too!

    Then find a hosting company that are stable and providing a quality hosting service not just a value for money hosting plan.
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    Why does your budget have to be $20 per month? Aren't your clients paying you?

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    Why you need a reseller account. Are you going to host sites. If you are starting a web hosting get a Dedicated Server at least Quad Xeon cpu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jatt5 View Post
    Why you need a reseller account. Are you going to host sites. If you are starting a web hosting get a Dedicated Server at least Quad Xeon cpu.
    If he can't afford more than $20 per month I don't think a dedi is an option for awhile.

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    Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux so a budget of even $20 is too low as Rick suggested. For Windows Reselling+WHMCS you're going to be spending quite a bit more money.

    Is there a particular reason you want Windows hosting? Not to insult your intelligence but you don't have to use Windows hosting because you run Windows on your PC (I've seen lots of people that thought they did).
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    windows hosting with WHMCS for $20/mo? Good Luck! As suggested raise your budget.

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    I have seen resellerzoom have windows reseller pack based on plesk and $5 for WHMCS licensing. try them

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    Good luck with that.
    Hostgators 24.00/mo reseller give you WHMCS, free reseller at Enon / ResellerClub, and quite honestly comes with so much, I was impressed.

    They don't offer winderz. You'll be hard pressed to find someone who will be around a while for all that + win in your price range.
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