I'm not to concerned because I replied to the e-mail and hopefully sorted things out with them but I'm wondering if anybody else here has dealt with them before?

I've read horror stories about GoDaddy closing accounts and freezing all domains on users because they had one domain in violation of their TOS but I'm pretty sure Namecheap isn't that strict. So what experiences have you had with abuse reports from Namecheap?

The site in question is a subdomain for my free hosting site so it's attached to my main domain. The site itself is a small forum for the online hack simulation game Slavehack where a few members converse with each other about game strategies (one of which is back account hacking). I explained to Namecheap that the discussion is not illegal because it's about a legit game but I'm wondering if I should start moving some domains to a new registrar incase they don't like my response. Thoughts?