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    Question Long usernames on Raq550

    After importing sites from a Raq4 to Raq550 with CMU I found out that usernames with 11 or 12 characters are unable to pop their mail. Qpopper gives message "Unable to get temporary drop name". Bug has been filed with Sun and they are working on a solution. Has anyone here got experience with configuring qpopper and hence knows a solution to this? BTW: imap and webmail are working fine for these long usernames.

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    Have you got a reply or a fix to this yet?

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    No, Sun is working on it I hope.

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    Could you give me some advice or point me to some instruction for transfering my site from raq4 to raq550? I coudn't find a thing about how to use cmu

    and can you select the sites one at the time or evrything will transfer at one time?

    TNX for your help.

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