View Poll Results: Would/do you pay for support ticket software?

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  • No, the free solutions are good enough.

    10 40.00%
  • Yes, I would or do pay, but I'm only willing to spend $100 or less.

    1 4.00%
  • Yes, I would or do pay more than $100 or more for the right software.

    14 56.00%
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    Would you pay for support ticket software?

    I notice there's a lot of requests here for free software products for managing ticketing and billing and such. I was curious as to the number of people who are and are not willing to pay for a decent ticket system.

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    I will say those "kiddie host" without budget will prefer those free solutions. If you bother to do some research, decent companies out there are all using paid solutions. For example, Kayako and WHMCS.
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    I would be willing to pay the right value for the right solution that i require.
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    I am the only one who chose No

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    Yes, of course. The best support ticket software (Kayako) is pay-only.
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    I always go with paid solutions for important items like this (Kayako for this). Not having to pay is always nice, but I've seen too many of the free/opensource ones suddenly stop updating or disappear altogether for me to rely on them for my business. Paying is no guarantee, but I feel more confident using them.
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    How serious are you about your Business? What kind of impact would your Business have if your clients weren't able to submit tickets due to constant bugs cause by unreliable software? I guess this pretty much sums it up, I would definitely pay for software required to run my Business - if I cannot afford it then I would rethink my decision about getting into Business

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    i dont have a hosting company or anything but if i were to ue one for testing purposes then i tried to find one within 100$ or so

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    I'm a big fan of OTRS. It is free, with full source code, and optionally comes with commercial support for those that need the warm comfort of having that available.

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    Free solutions are no good; HelpCentreLive was ace, until they merged it with osTicket cos the developers could'nt be bothered to continue developing their own ticketing system, and it literally fell to bits overnight.

    WHMCS is absolutely brilliant, and in all fairness, dirt cheap, for the amount of work it does and time it saves, its worth every penny. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    Well I use WHMCS and the Support Ticket System in WHMCS is sufficient. I had used Kayako in past, but no good result, better to go with WHMCS In-built Support Ticket System.
    Or you can even try OSTickets which is Open Source. You can also install it directly from your Fantastico Software.

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    Yeap, I think kayako is the best though it's paid but you will deserved that you get for what you had paid.
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    You really need to analyze your needs and consider whether you need a KB, multi-level system, chat and other things. There are a few paid scripts that contain those options or if you only need a couple of options, then the freebies may be the way to go.

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    I will prefer some easy to use support ticket system. As along as it easy to use price should not be a problem

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    free softwares are no good.. At certain level it does not work.. WHMCS is worth every penny exceptionally well designed with billing integrated etc etc..
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    Just bought a 1 year WHMCS unbranded and owned license for my "kiddie host".
    I won't risk trying out freewares for serious business.

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