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    Looking for hourly server admin.

    Hi there,

    We're looking into the possibility of hiring someone on an hourly basis to work on outstanding projects we have. This person would have the following qualifications:

    - Solid CPanel experience, not just the gui but under the hood troubleshooting etc.
    - PHP/MySql/shell scripting, should be quite experienced, at least capable of producing good clean code at a higher level.
    - Solid experience with Centos, for example securing servers, deploying LAMP boxes, migrating CPanel servers, setting up custom servers to do specific tasks.

    An individual is preferred, maybe someone looking to do work on the side. Large server administration companies won't be considered, we need somone we can call up on the cell and chat with etc.

    As I said you would be working on specific projects, we want to work with someone in the US or Canada. We need someone that has some references, solid examples of experience and that really knows what they're doing. Security is a major concern so a background check may be required. We're not looking for someone we need to babysit but more that we can give the necessary tools to and they will be self guided.

    Windows experience would be great but isn't a big issue.

    Please PM me your qualifications, rates you would charge and what technologies you have a high level of competency in.

    Thanks for looking!
    Larry Bly
    Sandbox IT Solutions, LLC.
    Dedicated Servers - Web Hosting - Consulting Services

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    I've sent a PM.

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    Sent you a private message, waiting to hear back.

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    I would recommend contacting Steven at, extremely talented System Administrator and is based in California as well last time I checked.

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    I second Jason - Steven is a very talented Linux system administrator. The reviews on here for Rack911 speak for themselves. He does indeed live in California.
    Justin Yancey | Northern Virginia & District of Columbia |

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    Send you a pm

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    I have the experinece of 3 years in cpanel/WHM and backend scirpts and have the experience in the migration of cpanels. I have the little bit experinece in php and shell scripting. My hourly rate is $1


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