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    Where to find my crontab ?

    Quick question ,guys,in which folder is the crontab generally located.

    i run LAMP

    also,i m looking for a specific cron right now (xbt_cron).once i find it ,what command do i use to run it manually.its supposed to run by itself..i just moved to a new server last week and now its stopped working.


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    man crontab will tell you where to find key files, and more. crontab -e (the preferred way of editing them) will load up the current user's table in an editor.

    As for "xbt..." that is application specific more than likely not cron specific.
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    You can set cron job by using command crontab -e

    Additionally you can see all cronjobs set via crontab -l

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    It is highly suggested to use crontab as mentioned by the previous posters when editing user's crons. However, on Linux systems the actual files are usually located in /var/spool/cron
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    In addition to what others have already said here, if you want to check your crons then you can find them in /etc as cron.d , cron.daily etc

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    You can use the following command,

    #crontab -e start vi session by default you can edit your crontab file.
    #crontab -r removes your crontab entry from the /var/spool/cron directory.
    #crontab -l this command is used to list the crontab.
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    Several other posters already mentioned editing other users' crontabs: this is done with the -u option, so "crontab -u hildy -e". "man crontab" for more information, too.
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    Lets not forget system crons can be stored in /etc/cron.X and won't be listed in /var/spool/cron. In case your trying to find a rogue script that is running.

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